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Are you considering dental implants in Miami, Florida? Jorge L. Ramirez, D.M.D. can help. Dental implants are a permanent solution for those missing teeth in Miami - and they're far more comfortable than dentures.

Why Dental Implants?

Not only are dental implants a fixed solution that look attractive, implant dentistry allows you to eat and chew foods naturally. Chewing with dental implants is more natural than chewing with dentures, and the stimulation provided to the jawbone by the dental implant post helps keep your underlying bone and tissue healthy and strong.

The loss of a tooth is a traumatic event, and the psychological distress is greatly multiplied when the tooth is a prominent feature of a patient's smile. Dr. Ramirez understands the emotional stress caused by the loss of a tooth. For that reason, he makes it a priority to ensure that patients understand their options regarding tooth replacement following extractions from our Miami dental office. Tooth replacements, usually removable, can always be prefabricated by a patient's dentist. In highly specific cases, Dr. Ramirez can place a temporary crown on an implant that was installed on the day of the tooth extraction. The crown is meant to be a cosmetic tooth replacement during the healing phase of the implant. Psychologically, the impact of having an immediate tooth replacement greatly reduces the emotional trauma of losing the tooth.

Replacement teeth

Abutment attachment

After the implant has integrated to the bone, a connection post (abutment) will be placed so that your dentist can fabricate your new replacement tooth. There are different types of abutments, including abutments prefabricated by the implant company or customized abutments fabricated for your particular anatomy. Customized abutments are more commonly utilized for the anterior cases, where esthetic considerations are important. Your dentist, together with Dr. Ramirez, will recommend the appropriate abutment for your situation.

In most cases, once the abutments are attached, impressions are taken, so that your replacement teeth can be fabricated from an exact replica of your mouth. In some cases, impressions will be taken of the implant, so that the laboratory can select or fabricate an appropriate abutment. In these cases the final abutment and final tooth replacement are inserted on the same day.

Fabrication of replacement teeth

In the final phase of treatment, your Miami dental implant dentist creates and fits the replacement teeth to the abutments. Your new teeth are designed after careful assessment of both your functional and cosmetic requirements. During the fabrication process, the models made from the impressions of your mouth are sent to the dental laboratory technician who will fabricate your new replacement teeth. You, your dentist and the laboratory technicians will work together during the fabrication process to ensure the replacement teeth are the proper size, shape, color, and fit.

Implant Care

Implant maintenance care is very similar to the care necessary for your natural teeth. Good oral hygiene, healthy eating habits, and regular dental visits will aid in maintaining health for the life of your new implant.

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