What is Maintenance Therapy?

Once your periodontal treatment is complete, it is very important that you come in for regular professional cleanings. Dental research states that a 3-month recall may be required. This is necessary because it takes approximately 3 months for the bacteria to re-grow and start to cause destruction of gingival tissue and bone. Our staff will help you with instructions on good oral hygiene, which will prevent periodontal disease from reoccurring or becoming more serious. A few minutes a day is all the time that is required to properly care for your teeth and gums. You do not have to lose teeth to periodontal disease if you brush, floss, eat a balanced diet and schedule regular dental visits. As time passes, the frequency of your recall may be adjusted, if your home care and the stability of your case will allow.

Who Should Perform Maintenance Therapy?

The answer depends on the patient and the severity of the disease prior to treatment. Generally, the more severe the initial problem, the more the periodontist needs to oversee the case. The responsibility for periodontal maintenance will generally be determined by the patient, the general dentist and the periodontist.

How Often Should Maintenance Therapy Be Performed?

This decision is based on a number of factors. The interval between maintenance visits varies from every few weeks to every six months. The frequency of maintenance visits is influenced by: the severity of the disease, the treatment required, the patient response to treatment and the rate of plaque growth. The frequency of maintenance visits is significantly influenced by the patient's commitment to good oral care at home.


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