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  • Dental Implants: A Worthwhile Investment

    Published: November 15,2019

    Dental Implants: Invest in Your Teeth to Get a Smile Worth Smiling About We work very hard for our money, so we want to be sure that we are investing it into something that is worthwhile. In this case the worthwhile investment would be dental implants. Dental Implants provide patients with a new smile and […]

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  • Periodontal Disease Warning Sign: Receding Gums

    Published: November 01,2019

    What to Do With Receding Gums Receding gums are a warning sign of periodontal disease. With that being said it’s important to make sure you make an appointment for a screening. Receding gums is a gradual process meaning that it is not always the easiest to detect. Gum recession can lead to tooth loss if […]

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  • Take Care of Your Oral Health

    Published: October 14,2019

    In the United States, there are millions of individuals who suffer from various forms of oral health issues. With all of the oral health issues that are plaguing people, the fact is they are easily treatable and can be prevented. When the disease begins, it can become harder to treat. Gum diseases of all kinds […]

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  • When Tooth Decay Strikes

    Published: October 04,2019

    When you think about tooth decay, you may not realize all it entails. Tooth decay is typically thought of and associated with cavities. While that is accurate, tooth decay is so much more and can lead to so many bigger issues with your oral health. To fully understand tooth decay and its causes, it is […]

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  • Why Choose Laser Gum Therapy?

    Published: September 12,2019

    It is typically understood taking care of your oral health is as important as maintain your overall health. Without the proper care, gum disease and other issues may set in. If gum disease develops and is left unchecked, it can turn into periodontists. Gum disease forms by overpopulation of bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria […]

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  • The Unavoidable Extractions

    Published: September 12,2019

    Doctors complete tooth extractions on a regular basis. While the procedure is routine for a doctor, patients need guidance on how to properly take care of the extraction to prevent infection or even dry sockets. It is very important the wound is taken care of and cleaned so that it can heal properly and quickly. […]

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  • Can I Beat Gum Disease by Brushing and Flossing More?

    Published: August 23,2019

    For many people, soreness of the gums or the presence of blood when brushing are enough to frighten them back onto the path of judicious dental care. For others, it takes a little more discomfort before they finally step up their personal dental hygiene routine. As gum disease progresses in severity, it becomes harder to […]

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  • Does Going to the Dentist’s Terrify You? Try Sedation Dentistry

    Published: August 06,2019

    If you find it hard to think of anything other than the dentist’s office when you have an appointment coming up, you’re far from alone. Every year, millions of Americans put off much-needed dental appointments because they haven’t found a way to overcome their dental anxieties. However, many people are finding that sedation dentistry offers […]

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  • How Can You Overcome Your Fear of Going to the Dentist?

    Published: July 18,2019

    For some people, it’s the fear of pain in any form. For others, there’s a very real and very strong fear of needles. There’s also the fear of being confined to the dentist’s chair, fear the dentist will criticize the state of your teeth and fear of plenty of other things about the dentist’s office. […]

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  • What Types of Anesthesia and Sedation Options are Used for Dental Implants?

    Published: June 24,2019

    You’ve seen enough evidence. You know that properly placed dental implants, maintained with routine dental care, can reliably replace natural teeth and last you decades to come. But still, what’s the level of pain associated with having dental implants anchored in your jaw just like real teeth? Find out what options you have for sedation […]

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