Dental Implants: A Worthwhile Investment

Published: 2019-11-15

Dental Implants: Invest in Your Teeth to Get a Smile Worth Smiling About
We work very hard for our money, so we want to be sure that we are investing it into something that is worthwhile. In this case the worthwhile investment would be dental implants. Dental Implants provide patients with a new smile and this is worthwhile because your smile is a very big part of your first impression. Additionally, improving your smile means making an investment in improving your oral health. Also, because your oral health is connected to your overall health it’s a worthwhile investment.

The Effects of Missing Teeth
Missing teeth in addition to causing a lack of confidence and looking aesthetically unappealing also has a negative impact on a person’s oral health. Brushing and flossing alone are not going to keep your smile from deteriorating. Unforeseen circumstances such as an accident, gum disease, or other health issues can cause a negative change in your smile. In order to prevent the loss of your smile from causing your quality of life to diminish it’s important to explore different tooth restoration options. While there are options such as bridges, crowns, and traditional dentures, dental implants are the most viable option.

Bone Regeneration and Tooth Loss
When a tooth is loss this causes the bone that would have been used to support the tooth to begin to deteriorate. This is because in order for your bones to grow they need to be stimulated. Meaning that when a tooth is loss the bone is no longer able to grow. In addition, to bones not growing once teeth are missing gum tissue growth can also be affected. When missing teeth occur and bones stop growing this can lead to a change in the structure of your face. Specifically, the jaw region of your face could begin to contour, and tooth loss could affect your appearance, your speech, and your ability to eat comfortably. If you have experienced bone loss due to missing teeth then a bone grafting may be required for dental implants to be installed.

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Dental Implants can provide you with a smile that is worth the investment. Having missing teeth can bring your confidence down because it is aesthetically unappealing. Also, having missing teeth can affect your appearance and more importantly your oral health. In addition, your oral health is connected to your overall health so taking care of oral health issues is highly important. If you are looking into improving your smile, then reach out to our dentist Dr. Ramirez to discuss your dental implants custom treatment.

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