LANAP®: A minimally invasive solution for gum disease

Published: 2020-02-06

According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 50 percent of Americans over 30 have gum disease. A chronic disorder that has the potential to cause tooth loss. Dr. Jorge Ramirez

of Periodontal Solutions is an accomplished dentist who provides minimally invasive gum disease treatment in South Miami, FL by laser gum surgery with LANAP ®.

Reversing Gum Disease

The LANAP ® Protocol is an excellent alternative to gum surgery for those who shy away from the dentist because of fear of a traumatic ordeal. Not only does this laser treatment stop gum disease but it also reverses it by growing new bone, periodontal ligament and tissue that provide the basic structure of the tooth.

The Treatment ProcessYour dentist uses a minute laser fiber to penetrate between the tooth and gum, and to flush out infection and disease. Next, all tartar and plaque which carry the disease-causing bacteria are cleaned from the tooth roots. The final step is using a new setting to reapply the laser; this produces a fibrous blood clot that closes the pocket and sets the healing process off.

Benefits of LANAP® Protocol

LANAP® laser gum surgery offers a variety of benefits, including less pain, faster recovery and healthy gums.

  • Minimal gum recession: Cutting the gums causes tissue to shrink and can expose the tooth root. Tissue remains in place with LANAP® because cutting is avoided.
  • Faster recovery: With no need to cut away diseased gum tissue, there is no need for sutures, and recovery time can be less than a day. Typical recovery from traditional gum surgery varies between two and four weeks.
  • Less pain: Post-operative pain is minimal using this laser therapy because cutting is avoided.
  • Regeneration: The laser stimulates the natural healing process, so there is no need to graft tissue to replace what is typically cut away during gum surgery.

Is LANAP® laser gum surgery right for you? Discuss your treatment options for gum disease in South Miami, FL with  Dr. Ramirez. Contact Periodontal Solutions today to schedule a consultation.


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