Periodontal Disease Warning Sign: Receding Gums

Published: 2019-11-01

What to Do With Receding Gums
Receding gums are a warning sign of periodontal disease. With that being said it’s important to make sure you make an appointment for a screening. Receding gums is a gradual process meaning that it is not always the easiest to detect. Gum recession can lead to tooth loss if left untreated, which will then lead to bone loss, and eventually facial structure deforming due to the lack of bone support for your jaw. It is important to set up an appointment if you notice your gums are receding for a dental examination and gum recession treatment.

Restore Your Smile with the Pinhole Surgery Technique
When it comes to receding gums it’s important to make a note of how you will combat this disease. The answer to this question may come in the form of the Pinhole Surgery Technique. Also, this technique has been proven to have a lot of effective results for patients who have undergone the dental procedure. To learn more details about how the Pinhole Surgery Technique works and why it’s effective read below:

  • Your doctor uses a pinpoint instrument to make series of small holes above the affected area
  • Specialized instruments are inserted in these holes so your doctor can loosen the gum tissue.
  • Once the tissue has been loosened, it is then pulled back down to its original position.
  • Collagen strips are then inserted into the holes to help hold the gum tissue in place.

The Pinhole Surgery Technique is minimally invasive and because of this there is less bleeding and less post-operative pain. Also, the small holes made in the procedure heal sometimes within the next day.

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Why let your smile suffer due to gum recession when restoration options are available like the Pinhole Surgery Technique. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ramirez to learn more about this surgery technique.

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