Teeth look short or small? You could have a gummy smile.

When the gums become overgrown, they take over your smile by covering too much of your teeth. What you see when this happens is what we call a “gummy smile.” Gummy smiles tend to make the teeth look short, small and out of proportion to the rest of your mouth. They also put the health of your mouth at risk by giving more opportunity for harmful bacteria to get trapped beneath the gum tissue, where they can cause infection or disease. To prevent this from happening, Dr. Jorge Ramirez can restore balance to your smile with natural tooth-to-gum rations by performing crown lengthening, also known as gum reshaping, in South Miami, FL.

What to Expect with Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a simple surgical procedure that can be completed in just one office visit to correct a gummy smile. During the procedure, Dr. Ramirez will gently trim away excess gum tissue and reshape it to give a more natural, even appearance. Our team implements the latest crown lengthening techniques and uses the most advanced technologies to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the procedure, and we are happy to offer sedation dentistry options for an additional level of comfort and relaxation during your crown lengthening treatment.