Gum Disease and Treatments

Published: 2020-01-02

Maintaining health of the oral cavity is important because it connects to every part of the body. Because the mouth leads into the body, an infection in the oral cavity can lead to the blood stream, intestines and is majorly related to the heart. This all means that keeping the oral cavity healthy and staying on top of your hygiene is essential.

A common pandemic that is detrimental to health and had by many is gum disease. Gum disease is something many overlook, but can turn into a more harmful disease that can affect your overall health. If you start demonstrating signs and symptoms of gum disease, otherwise referred to as gingivitis, you should seek dental attention at your earliest convenience. Gum disease signs and symptoms include:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Inflamed and red soft tissue
  • Sensitivity
  • Receeding gum line

It is important to know that gum disease is curable and preventable. If you happen to be affected, laser dentistry is the latest form of technology dentists have been turning to, which demolishes the disease. Laser gum therapy is an advanced technology that kills the diseased tissue and restores the gums back to health. Laser gum therapy is minimally invasive, which means you can forget about the stitches and scalpels.

Because laser treatment is minimally invasive, it means the treatment is less time consuming than traditional gum disease treatments. This treatment also allows for less swelling, little bleeding and no stitches or cutting to the gums.

If you begin seeing signs of gum disease, contact your dentist. It is important to make sure you take care of your oral health, and your dentist will be the only one to successfully diagnose and treat your situation.  It is important to remember that gum disease is curable and preventable, so if you need a refresher on how to properly take care of the soft tissues of the mouth, scheduling an appointment with your dentist and their skilled team will be your best idea.

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