How Lasers are Used in Dentistry

Published: 2019-12-18

When it comes to dental care in South Miami, FL, Dr. Jorge Ramirez and the dental team of Periodontal Solutions are constantly looking for ways to improve on the services they offer to their patients to make sure that they receive the proper dental treatment for their oral misfortunes. One of these options is by utilizing laser dentistry. 


Laser dentistry incorporates the use of lasers during oral surgeries and non-surgical treatments to repair or correct certain oral infections and dental ailments. Other procedures laser dentistry is used in includes: 


Since its inception in the early 90s, laser dentistry has been improved upon and enhanced to tackle more and more intricate oral procedures. With the birth of these improvements, laser dentistry is now split between two categories: Soft tissue and hard tissue applications. 

Soft Tissue Lasers: 

Soft tissue lasers are mostly used to treat problems such as gum disease since they are specifically designed to handle soft tissue issues. 

Other soft-tissue laser treatments include: 

  •  Reshaping gummy smiles
  • Crown lengthening
  • Repairing soft tissue defects and congenital abnormalities
  • Treating cold sores
  • Removing benign tumors
  • Removing tissue to treat sleep apnea

Hard Tissue Lasers: 

Hard tissue dental lasers were created to cut through your teeth’s enamel so this laser type is used to perform treatments like: 

  • Detecting and removing cavities
  • Tooth preparation for fillings and crowns
  • Treating tooth sensitivity (to seal the roots of the tooth)
  • Teeth whitening

More information: 

Laser dentistry offers loads of other benefits and solutions to help treat or eliminate oral issues that cause you to smile less due to any sort of pain (physical, emotional, even mental ). For more information about the different laser dentistry treatments that we offer and to learn about their many advantages, contact our offices located in South Miami, FL to schedule an appointment to speak with Dr. Ramirez.      

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