What Types of Anesthesia and Sedation Options are Used for Dental Implants?

Published: 2019-06-24

You’ve seen enough evidence. You know that properly placed dental implants, maintained with routine dental care, can reliably replace natural teeth and last you decades to come. But still, what’s the level of pain associated with having dental implants anchored in your jaw just like real teeth? Find out what options you have for sedation and local anesthesia when getting dental implants and similar oral surgeries.

Local Anesthesia

When just a single dental implant is being placed, local anesthesia is generally the best route. The local anesthetic is typically administered through a syringe with a quick prick to the gums. Once injected, the shot will quickly numb that implant site and areas around it. After that initial prick, it may be well after your procedure that you finally feel any pain – and for that, your dentist will have prescribed an adequate supply of pain medication.

Advanced Sedation Options

If your procedure will entail multiple implants or other work will be done to your mouth, you and your dentist may consider sedation options on top of anesthesia.

Sedation can be used to help you sleep through the procedure, but it’s common doctors to recommend conscious sedation for dental implant patients.

With conscious sedation, you’re administered just enough of the sedative to help you relax and lie still through the procedures, but not enough to put you under. Just like many other dental procedures, a mild or moderate sedative can wipe away the anxiety of a dental appointment for anyone healthy enough for sedation and anesthesia.

Candidacy for Sedation

Two of the biggest factors in determining a person’s candidacy for sedation are that individual’s current health and medical history. Your dental specialist, possibly in concert with your primary care physician, will ultimately have to make a determination about whether advanced sedation options are right for you.

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